Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its confirmed, due date…

This post wasn’t allowed until after the doctors appointment.  For now all we know is a baby is in there, it gets better, has a heartbeat!  It feels weird to know there is a new human being in the household.  For now we will wait to see if its a boy or girl.  Preferably a boy because we have an agreed name.  Girl name might take a while on consensus.  Tentative date – June 26th.  We’ll have a better perspective on the 30th when we get the ultrasound done.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mountain Biking @ Moab Utah

We recently went on a quick road trip to meet friends in Moab Utah, AKA – The Mountain Biking Mecca!  I (Jeff) loved almost every minute of it.  The few minutes I didn’t like was taking Kelsey back to the car.  Its quite a bit more than she could handle.  Another girl broke her foot right at the beginning so its not for beginners or anyone who isnt 100% confident.  My friend Thomas Gardner came with us because it always more fun with multiple people.  I had a nice spill at the beginning but it isn’t fun unless you bring something back with you.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here are a few of the cakes I have done recently. The two smaller ones were birthday cakes. I call them mini fondant cakes. The other one has my husbands companies logo on it. I was just messing around with some homemade fondant and decided to attempt to mimic the logo. I just made my sister-in-laws birthday cake so I will put that pic up soon. I also am doing a baby shower cake this month and my nieces baptism cake. Its alot of fun and everytime I do a cake I learn something new!


Well we got to go to Colorado again!! It was yet again so much fun. All we do is play, quad, go to the mountains/cabin, play four wheeler tag, go to the alligator farm (yes there is an alligator farm in little Manassa, Colorado) weird I know, go to the sand dunes...well ya get the point we just try and do everthing while we are there. This year was know different. We go up around the 24th of July. There is a celebration, remembering when the pioneers came over. It is two packed days of fun events, a parade, carnival, rodoe, demolition derby, 5K run. It always feels like there is too much to do and never enough time! Jeff, my sister Jessica and her husband Jeff (we really like Jeffs in my family) totally did the 5K run this year. My Jeff totally did not have any training for it, I know its only like three miles but I didnt do it because I thought I would die because of the alttitude difference and I had been running in AZ daily. Did that stop Jeff?! NOPE. He did really good actually, he finished second and came home with a trophy! Maybe next year I will work up the courage to do it. Anyway thx Grandma Sowards and Uncle Kim for letting us invade your house yet again. We look forward to it every year!

Playing in the mountains!

My dad trying to be 16 again

Alligator Farm


So I bet you all think I only get on my blog to change the background a million times. We are way over due for an update sorry friends (that is if we still have any loyal followers!) I dont even know where to start...Our summer was really fun. I decided not to take a summer class which was really nice. We went camping with Jeffs family over the fourth. We went up to Heber. It was alot of fun I have never seen fireworks like those! And believe me when I tell you we were literally right under all the action! The weather was good, we even got rain whiched helped cool things down. We went hiking and found a some sort of snake and let me ask you this ladies...why is it that everytime boys fins a deadly dangerous creature they want to play with it??!! Makes no sense to me! We did the usual Beaty tradition and went shooting. That little guy is our nephew. He was so funny to watch, he would get so excited about the guns. He would point to the guns and say "pow, pow." Grandpa Beaty helped him shoot and he loved it. Here are some of my favorite pics.

For Miss Jadyn

Hi Jadyn!! Hope you had a great birthday. So I promised I would put pictures up of your baptism dress so you could see it. (Sorry it took so long) Let me know what you think!! I think it is so pretty and you are going to look beautiful in it!! I love you : )

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy bees post with a surprise ending

Its been a while since the last post but I feel I (JEFF) need to update things from my point of view.  Kelsey told you about our last trip to Utah, bla bla bla.  I never did update on the Mountain Bike I built or house repairs.  Current status on the bike, it works awesome!  For those of you who don’t know about bikes, the standard diameter of a mountain bike tire is 26” where my tires have a diameter of 29”, thus allowing you a smoother ride clearing smaller rocks and sand with ease.  What makes the bike even better is the full suspension aspect makes the ride that much more comfortable.  To top it off, the bike weighs in at 27lbs, very light for a bike of that quality.  Anyone looking to go mountain biking once or multiple times, let me know.  Here are some pictures when we were building it:


Now for the house update.  Many of you know we bought this house from a bank as it was a repo/foreclosure so it has a few quirks here and there.  The first major issue we found was when we got the keys and went to the house just after we finalized everything.  The back patio roof had blown off.  I stuck a tarp up there to set us by till we get that first time homebuyer refund from taxes.  New problem from that, tarps only have a 90 day life, which ended last week.  So we came home from camping to find shreds of tarp all over the yard.  Just had the back roof repaired today so no more issues there except for sagging drywall.  Next quirk, went up in the attic to see why the house wasn't cooling down.  Answer: could it possibly be caused by no insulation????!!!!  Now I see why they couldn’t pay their mortgage payments, it was all going to their electrical bills.  Now we have about 20” of that fluffy fiberglass stuff that you just want to take a bath in up there.  Made a HUGE difference in house temperature and we get a tax credit on that for next years taxes.  The next issue isnt building related but it happened right in the middle of the house repair whoopla.  The washing machine decided to plug up because of a design flaw.  Little did we know you weren't supposed to wash bathroom rugs in the washer.  Stupid.  Anywho,  I researched what's out there and decided with my asthma, allergies and many other problems related to my lungs and nose that a steam washer would be the best option for replacement.  Not to mention it powers it self and we get a $75 credit from SRP for upgrading.  I’m not going to expound on the topic more but to say, WOW, can’t wait to use that baby!  As you can see, Kelsey had a hand in picking it washer


Now for my last update, I have decided to get my nose operated on.  Those that know me have seen me congested, like everyday!  I sound like I’ve always got my nose plugged, can’t smell, breath through my mouth and other things.  Well no more!  I go into surgery the first week in August to get that stuff cleared out.  Wish me luck!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding!! (continued)

Ok so this belongs with the other wedding stuff but I thought it deserved its own spotlight! So I made the wedding cake (my first one) I think it turned out ok, everyone said it was beautiful. I really just think the colors Becky picked made it look so great. Anyway love making cakes! Let me know what ya think and dont be afraid to give me your honest opinion haha!


Ok so its been forever since our last post...sorry. So my brother (Brandon) got married the last week of May!! So exciting, yup! The gal he married, Becky, (love her!) she is from Utah so that is where they got married. It was so much fun because Jeff and I got to take our mountain bikes up and stay a few extra days and play!! We drove up Wednsday night that, was the fastest I have ever gotten to Utah! (but Jeff said I did sleep most of the way up haha) The weather was probably my favorite part it was so NICE! The wedding was fun her family is really great. Jeff was in charge of taking the pictures, I always think he does a good job. So after the wedding stuff was over we headed back to Provo where we met up with Jeffs uncle and basically just played the rest of the time. Jeff was really anxious to mountain bike because this was the second time he got to ride his bike that he built! Jeff and Ian did some pretty insane dowhill trails, crazy boys. Jeff was pretty bruised and had some nice scrapes and cuts after. He even popped his tire, oops! Anyway it was alot of fun! Here are some of the pictures from the wedding. I love the ones of my brothers, Brandon hit the Clint and Oz in the stomach and Jeff caught like every moment, Love it!! lol

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its about time!

So we have had a few people ask us if we got our house.  The rumors are true!  After a year of battles between ridiculous requests and monotonous paper signing, its finally ours.  We are putting some finishing touches before we move in but everything turned out great… except for the roof.  We got quite a surprise to find out the back patio roof had blown off.  I think its safe to say its time to replace it.  I’ll put up pictures later today for everyone to see the inside.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So, Kelseys birthday was on the third, and its now the 5th. I got her a limited edition mountain bike that just came in today. Limited edition meaning after april there will be no more. I got the last small that the company had in stock. As of now she doesnt know anything about it but when she gets home from work this is what she will see... Its the Breast cancer version of the bike and 25% of the price goes to the foundation. I figured thats a good way to spend that much money.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So here is a nice getaway from all the house stuff which has been dragging on for a long time.  I had been wanting to go on this mountain biking trip for about a month when my uncle told me about it.  Last minute, and I mean extremely last minute, Kelsey decided she wanted to go.  One of the girls in the group meeting us there said she could use her bike.  So we had bikes all set and we were on our way to St George.  When we got there we spent the night at a cheap hotel for St George.  Got up the next morning, took pictures of the temple and headed off for Hurricane.  The MTB trail we went to is called Gooseberry Mesa.  For those of you who know Mountain biking, this trail is real similiar to Slickrock @ Moab.  Its on a plateau real close to Hurricane, UT.  Kelsey did pretty good for only MTB a few times.  I think it was a bit too technical for her.  Overall, it was a great trip.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do that trail again in the future.  Oh yea, I gave Kelsey a taste of Vegas since that was on the way to St George.  She wants to go there again for my birthday.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cake Creation

So I have started a new hobby!! I made this cake for my sisters 18th birthday. I think it turned out pretty good. It sure takes alot of time but so worth it fondant cakes always look so pretty!! FYI - the whole thing is edible

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Just wanted to share these pictures, we took them for my parents for Christmas. I think they turned out so cute, love them!! Jeff was the photographer, he is so talented and I really appriciate that he is always willing to take our pictures even though it is sometimes crazy trying to get everyone together. Anyway I am really pleased at how they turned out. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!