Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First blog for the Beatys

Well here we are. Made it to the world of blogging. We enjoyed keeping up with so many of our friends this way so we decided to do the same thing. Kelsey will kill me for starting this thing up without her but she'll live. She wanted it to look all cute so I'll let her make it pretty another day when she doesn't have work and I do. Currently Kels and I are baby-less, for now. I work for a General contracting company (Water Wind & Fire)wearing many hats. The title that's printed on our business cards is project manager. I'm also the Office manager, computer technician, company electrician, facility manager, bla bla bla. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and don't see a change in the future, other than the job titles that is. Kelsey is a Dental assistant, not to be confused with a Dental Hygienist, which she is currently pursuing. She's the person who hands all the tools to the dentist as he is hacking away at your teeth. Up till now, we have put stuff on our website, but this way should be much quicker for fast updates to our lifestyle. Well thats it for now!