Friday, October 2, 2009


Here are a few of the cakes I have done recently. The two smaller ones were birthday cakes. I call them mini fondant cakes. The other one has my husbands companies logo on it. I was just messing around with some homemade fondant and decided to attempt to mimic the logo. I just made my sister-in-laws birthday cake so I will put that pic up soon. I also am doing a baby shower cake this month and my nieces baptism cake. Its alot of fun and everytime I do a cake I learn something new!


Well we got to go to Colorado again!! It was yet again so much fun. All we do is play, quad, go to the mountains/cabin, play four wheeler tag, go to the alligator farm (yes there is an alligator farm in little Manassa, Colorado) weird I know, go to the sand dunes...well ya get the point we just try and do everthing while we are there. This year was know different. We go up around the 24th of July. There is a celebration, remembering when the pioneers came over. It is two packed days of fun events, a parade, carnival, rodoe, demolition derby, 5K run. It always feels like there is too much to do and never enough time! Jeff, my sister Jessica and her husband Jeff (we really like Jeffs in my family) totally did the 5K run this year. My Jeff totally did not have any training for it, I know its only like three miles but I didnt do it because I thought I would die because of the alttitude difference and I had been running in AZ daily. Did that stop Jeff?! NOPE. He did really good actually, he finished second and came home with a trophy! Maybe next year I will work up the courage to do it. Anyway thx Grandma Sowards and Uncle Kim for letting us invade your house yet again. We look forward to it every year!

Playing in the mountains!

My dad trying to be 16 again

Alligator Farm


So I bet you all think I only get on my blog to change the background a million times. We are way over due for an update sorry friends (that is if we still have any loyal followers!) I dont even know where to start...Our summer was really fun. I decided not to take a summer class which was really nice. We went camping with Jeffs family over the fourth. We went up to Heber. It was alot of fun I have never seen fireworks like those! And believe me when I tell you we were literally right under all the action! The weather was good, we even got rain whiched helped cool things down. We went hiking and found a some sort of snake and let me ask you this ladies...why is it that everytime boys fins a deadly dangerous creature they want to play with it??!! Makes no sense to me! We did the usual Beaty tradition and went shooting. That little guy is our nephew. He was so funny to watch, he would get so excited about the guns. He would point to the guns and say "pow, pow." Grandpa Beaty helped him shoot and he loved it. Here are some of my favorite pics.

For Miss Jadyn

Hi Jadyn!! Hope you had a great birthday. So I promised I would put pictures up of your baptism dress so you could see it. (Sorry it took so long) Let me know what you think!! I think it is so pretty and you are going to look beautiful in it!! I love you : )