Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Houses and houses again, again and again, oh, and again....again, and hopefully/finally again!!

So we have been through so many hoops trying to get into a house in this tough economy.  We started back in April 2008 just browsing.  By June we found a house we liked, put a bid in but got outbid by someone with cash.  Started browsing again only to find a house we really liked just next door to the first one.  Put an offer one the house, got approved by the mortgage underwriter for 190,000 only to have the offer sit on the table for 5 months until finally the house went into foreclosure.  That's not all, we were the highest bidder the whole time asking them what they wanted.  Think I'm done?  Only getting started!  The offer conditionally expired (if we wanted to withdraw) so we decided to continue our search.  Kelsey was disgusted at this point and didn’t want to look.  I was determined to stop wasting money in an apartment.  I found a house around brown & recker, great home.  It had a pool, Jacuzzi, 3 bed 2 ba home in a great neighborhood.  Go on a Saturday to look at it and bam!  Already have an accepted offer.  So I find a house down the street with an older gentleman trying his hardest to persuade us to buy his home.  Kelsey wanted nothing to do with it, so it was pretty much just me.  After a few days of bidding wars it went to high and I backed off.  That made kels very happy.  So we tried for another house that was off of Power & McKellips.  It was bank owned and I actually went to school with the person that was selling the property.  Did I mention that our realtor was my senior class president not to mention my age and I grew up with him?  Anyway,  there was another bid on the house so the seller said he would allow us to get the last say, meaning we would have the highest bid in the end.  So what happens next?  The bank decides to accept the lower offer?  That's messed up I tell you!!  So, keep on trudging is the advice I give Kelsey, be persistent and we will reap the rewards.  Next we find a house that is down the street from our apartment in the Val Vista Lakes area.  It was a nice 2 story house ready to move in.  Shoulda been a shoe-in.  Should have!!!  The bank accepts our offer (another bank owned) and takes our 2,500 earnest money for a deposit.  What happens next just makes things even worse.  The bank decides they dont want to loan us any money.  They drag us around for weeks to months because they "need more paperwork".  For heaven sakes, they know how many times I got pizza for the last 2 years!!!  What more paperwork do you need?  So  we pretty much get the "advice" to wait for two years before applying for another mortgage.  I dont think so!  Bag That!  So as a last ditch effort for this year,  our realtor has a guy in his same building renting that can do quick mortgages.  So we are currently with him working on the second house we put an offer on.  Hopefully we will/can close end of this week or beginning of next (around the 15th of Dec).  Stupid housing market.  Can't complain though, we are getting a smokin deal on a house around the corner from Mountain View.  I spent a few hours last night installing a sink and stove because the prior owners that got foreclosed on took all the cabinet doors in the kitchen as well as all the switches, light bulbs, stove, outlets, and... I think thats it.  So if we get the house I'll let you know after we sign the papers and have the keys.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Updates and Visiting...

Well just a few updates to our life. The last house we thought we had fell through. Minor loan issues, no thanks to the current market conditions. We're working on a closer house by mountain view that will hopefully close before christmas. Jeff(me) is pretty busy between work and my work hobby. Work for me is a project manager for a Damage Restoration company (see earlier posts). Right now we are so busy cant keep our heads on straight. As for the work hobby, thanks to obama, the schedule there is about the same. So if you want an assult rifle, better not waste any time and go get one. That is if you can find one for sale. haha. Good thing Kelsey already has her pink one. Kelsey's sister came in town from Denver for a few days and wanted to take pictures. Here is a few...

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well i am a few days late...but Jeff and I celebrated our second anniversary this past week. I can't believe it has already been two years. It has been the best ever. Jeff is seriously the best husband and I can't even begin to imagine life without him! He is the most patient and understanding guy ever and he is always HAPPY. He can always make me smile. So we really did not do anyhting that exciting since our anniversary fell on a week day, we just went out to eat and then for a bike ride. At the moment we are really into riding bikes. Well Jeff has always been into biking and has introduced me to it. It really is alot of fun and relaxing especially since the nights are starting to cool off. So Jeff got me the greatest present ever. Lion king tickets!! Like to go see the Broadway show!(I got him the movie Ironman ya kinda lame gift compared to what he got me lol) I have seen it before but I am so excited to go with Jeff this time! So thx Jeffers love ya much!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What do bullets and paint have in common???

They both shoot! We had originally planned on going shooting Saturday morning. Just casual with friends (all but Ryan and Amy bailed). That's ok, more ammo for us, besides, who gets to shoot a pink gun? Even better, a pink assault rifle! Yep be jealous girls!! Anywho, it was filled with fun, shooting golf balls, & being attacked by killer grasshoppers... use your imagination. So later in the day, we went with my family (Jeff) paint balling. Got some pictures with us getting geared up for battle but no afters, except for a nice welt on Kelsey's leg. The picture we took of it doesn't give it justice. The second to last game I nailed Kelsey in the head. FYI - for you couples that like to argue, its a good way to settle things out physically. Well, thats it for now. Enjoy the pictures

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ok, something little to add the the blog.....

I just wanted to add this picture for all the wifes and single ladies out there. Have your husband get you one of these. Kelsey loves it. Color for the ladies, power for the men, nuff said.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We like the Olympics!

Here is the medal counter:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Manassa Colorado

Will update the text later... Here are the pics.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Beaty's Photography

For those of you who know the Beatys, have seen that cameras are frequently in our hands. I just wanted to give a preview of the pictures that I have taken. Keep in mind that even though I may be in some of these pictures, I did set it up and take it. Enjoy!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

So Memorial Day was great and relaxing. Kelsey has yet to take over this blog thing and make it, in her words, cute. I think it was a win win situation for the both of us. Kelsey got to be with her niece and nephews and I got to perfect usage of my awesome camera (see pictures). Now, there is a house we are trying to get and for security reasons I will not disclose the location of it for fear of someone else buying the house before us!!!! But it’s a decent size house (4 bed 3 bathroom, 10,000 SF lot) near work for both of us. Now, if only the mortgage company can hurry with our paperwork! Looking forward to some lake time this summer since its been years on a nice boat or jet ski.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Here is some pictures people may not have seen of us...


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First blog for the Beatys

Well here we are. Made it to the world of blogging. We enjoyed keeping up with so many of our friends this way so we decided to do the same thing. Kelsey will kill me for starting this thing up without her but she'll live. She wanted it to look all cute so I'll let her make it pretty another day when she doesn't have work and I do. Currently Kels and I are baby-less, for now. I work for a General contracting company (Water Wind & Fire)wearing many hats. The title that's printed on our business cards is project manager. I'm also the Office manager, computer technician, company electrician, facility manager, bla bla bla. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and don't see a change in the future, other than the job titles that is. Kelsey is a Dental assistant, not to be confused with a Dental Hygienist, which she is currently pursuing. She's the person who hands all the tools to the dentist as he is hacking away at your teeth. Up till now, we have put stuff on our website, but this way should be much quicker for fast updates to our lifestyle. Well thats it for now!