Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding!! (continued)

Ok so this belongs with the other wedding stuff but I thought it deserved its own spotlight! So I made the wedding cake (my first one) I think it turned out ok, everyone said it was beautiful. I really just think the colors Becky picked made it look so great. Anyway love making cakes! Let me know what ya think and dont be afraid to give me your honest opinion haha!


Ok so its been forever since our last post...sorry. So my brother (Brandon) got married the last week of May!! So exciting, yup! The gal he married, Becky, (love her!) she is from Utah so that is where they got married. It was so much fun because Jeff and I got to take our mountain bikes up and stay a few extra days and play!! We drove up Wednsday night that, was the fastest I have ever gotten to Utah! (but Jeff said I did sleep most of the way up haha) The weather was probably my favorite part it was so NICE! The wedding was fun her family is really great. Jeff was in charge of taking the pictures, I always think he does a good job. So after the wedding stuff was over we headed back to Provo where we met up with Jeffs uncle and basically just played the rest of the time. Jeff was really anxious to mountain bike because this was the second time he got to ride his bike that he built! Jeff and Ian did some pretty insane dowhill trails, crazy boys. Jeff was pretty bruised and had some nice scrapes and cuts after. He even popped his tire, oops! Anyway it was alot of fun! Here are some of the pictures from the wedding. I love the ones of my brothers, Brandon hit the Clint and Oz in the stomach and Jeff caught like every moment, Love it!! lol