Friday, May 21, 2010

Time for an update…

5 full weeks left till baby piper is due (or 14% left of the pregnancy, however you prefer). Boy does time fly.  In the meantime we stay pretty busy with projects around the house.  I mean do they ever stop, I think not.  This is Jeff by the way.  Kelsey is in the other room getting ready for the wedding reception we are going to.  Lets see, updates…fathers and sons…garden…flower garden…cake machine…that's probably enough for now.


Fathers and sons – fun time as always.  This year also included abnormally gigantic marshmallows.  Just so happens to fit good in a potato gun too :).   A few pics should illustrate:

Oh and that tape thing is something I did when I left work on Friday.  My co-worker added the tissue to better resemble me.  I have video of shooting full auto weapons so if you are interested in seeing them let me know.


Garden:  Not much to report here other than it is thriving pretty good.  I have 4 rows of corn, 1 row of carrots, 1/2 row of broccoli, 1/2 row of turnips, 1 row of watermelon/ 1/2 row of cantaloupes, and 1/2 row of potatoes. That's it for the garden.


Flower garden…its having some issues.  Other than the panzies(ironic) nothing else has flowers.  So its more of a flowerless garden.


Cake Machine.  I can almost stop there because it is so cool.  Its like the Brian Regan statement “well I walked on the moon”.  Can you top that?  No.  You pretty much stick a sheet of whatever in it and it comes out whatever you programmed it to cut.  Take this for example:WWF Cookie 001

That is the company logo at work.  The fire top and water bottom was cut by the machine.  Still trying to figure out how to do the wind better.  It will streamline cake making so much better.  All I do is upload a picture to the comp, press the cut button and wallah! It appears magically in the same shape as it was on the computer just as fondant or some other edible product.  It does have the capability to cut out cookies but it was going to take too long.  So now I have learned the art of making cookie cutters!  Not too difficult, just takes patience.