Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy bees post with a surprise ending

Its been a while since the last post but I feel I (JEFF) need to update things from my point of view.  Kelsey told you about our last trip to Utah, bla bla bla.  I never did update on the Mountain Bike I built or house repairs.  Current status on the bike, it works awesome!  For those of you who don’t know about bikes, the standard diameter of a mountain bike tire is 26” where my tires have a diameter of 29”, thus allowing you a smoother ride clearing smaller rocks and sand with ease.  What makes the bike even better is the full suspension aspect makes the ride that much more comfortable.  To top it off, the bike weighs in at 27lbs, very light for a bike of that quality.  Anyone looking to go mountain biking once or multiple times, let me know.  Here are some pictures when we were building it:


Now for the house update.  Many of you know we bought this house from a bank as it was a repo/foreclosure so it has a few quirks here and there.  The first major issue we found was when we got the keys and went to the house just after we finalized everything.  The back patio roof had blown off.  I stuck a tarp up there to set us by till we get that first time homebuyer refund from taxes.  New problem from that, tarps only have a 90 day life, which ended last week.  So we came home from camping to find shreds of tarp all over the yard.  Just had the back roof repaired today so no more issues there except for sagging drywall.  Next quirk, went up in the attic to see why the house wasn't cooling down.  Answer: could it possibly be caused by no insulation????!!!!  Now I see why they couldn’t pay their mortgage payments, it was all going to their electrical bills.  Now we have about 20” of that fluffy fiberglass stuff that you just want to take a bath in up there.  Made a HUGE difference in house temperature and we get a tax credit on that for next years taxes.  The next issue isnt building related but it happened right in the middle of the house repair whoopla.  The washing machine decided to plug up because of a design flaw.  Little did we know you weren't supposed to wash bathroom rugs in the washer.  Stupid.  Anywho,  I researched what's out there and decided with my asthma, allergies and many other problems related to my lungs and nose that a steam washer would be the best option for replacement.  Not to mention it powers it self and we get a $75 credit from SRP for upgrading.  I’m not going to expound on the topic more but to say, WOW, can’t wait to use that baby!  As you can see, Kelsey had a hand in picking it washer


Now for my last update, I have decided to get my nose operated on.  Those that know me have seen me congested, like everyday!  I sound like I’ve always got my nose plugged, can’t smell, breath through my mouth and other things.  Well no more!  I go into surgery the first week in August to get that stuff cleared out.  Wish me luck!