Monday, October 11, 2010

Gardening done automatically. Well, kinda.

So we went out of town for a week and shut the water off to the house.  We had the garden on the automatic water drip system.  So Plants – Water = Bad.  We figured with 100+ degrees and no water meant a dead garden.  So I scrapped the project since everything looked crispy.  Well, the auto water system was never turned off and 2 months later a nice heap of grass grew in the 22’ x 22’ square.  Going out to take care of the infestation made me focus on some odd looking weeds (from a distance) which weren't weeds at all.  Following what turned out to be watermelon vine yielded a melon, then 2 then 3… After making a map the end result was 24 watermelons & 2 cantaloupe.  We lost a few due to extreme ripeness they exploded into almost 2 pieces right where they were sitting.  Boy, they sure were juicy.  Now, to learn how to store it…

Piper and Watermelon 10-4-10 046

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Stewart Family said...

Wow! What a mini truck load of melons. Thanks for sharing. Sooo yummy! I love the candy corns! You should still do them, even if it is almost December.